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Fundraiser: Save our children kidnapped in Japan

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Every year, 150,000 children are kidnapped in Japan with the full support of the Japanese authorities. Despite the issue being fairly unknown at a global level, foreign governments have been pressing Japan to change for over a decade.

We have met with our heads of states who spoke to Japan Prime Minister Abe to no avail.

We have filed a complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council against the State of Japan exposing a pattern of gross violations of the rights of the child.

We have presented the issue in front of the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament.

We have organized press conferences in Japan and have raised awareness through major international medias.

Despite all this, Japan has done absolutely nothing to improve the situation.

Child kidnappings in Japan must stop.

We must take our fight to the next level.

We need your help as soon as possible.

Please donate so we can keep the fight alive.

We are raising money to legally challenge every possible institutions that has failed to protect the rights children in Japan.

We are going to raise awareness further to avoid more children being the victim of such hideous crime.

On behalf of all children in Japan, thank you.

Vincent and Tommaso